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I- Purpose
This website provides information about the services offered by Susana Gómez López, with CIF number XXXX,  residing at xxxx Madrid, Spain, through his trademark Susana Gómez hereinafter called the right holder.

II- Copyright
The contents of this website, including the images, logos, graphics, animations, texts or computer applications developed in any format or programming language, represented in any ways, as well as the domain are property of the right holder or has adquired the correspondent rights from their owners and are protected by legislation and international treaties concerning to intellectual property and industrial if is necessary, also is protected by domain legislation.
The use of hyperlinks is allowed in this website and the total or partial utilization, as well as the reproduction with a nonprofit intention of the contents, always stating the source and the hypervincle of the correspondent website, in the cases allowed in articles 31 to 34 of the copyright act (Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996, de 12 de Abril).
The use of frames or any other mechanism that tries to conceal the origin or the source of the contents, any use, transformation or explotation from the contents with comercial, promotional objetives or contrary to law, morals and public order, that could harm the interests or damage the image of the right holder or form third parties, by unfair competition or any other legal dispositions.

III- Privacy and data protection
Whenever you are surfing the internet, automatically you will provide the server of the web information in relation to your IP, date and hour of acces, the hypervincle that has forwarded this address, the operating system and the browser used. However, the Spanish Agency of Data Protection (Agencia Espanola de Proteccion de Datos) considers the IP adress as personal data, and it can only be reveal when it has been casued certain damages. This information will be keep and use only in order to control an to elaborate statistics about access and visits to the web. This data would no be available for third parties. Also this website does not use cookies or any other analog device that allows to get personal data without permission.
In case you stablish any kind of comunication with Susana Gómez, by telephone, fax, mail or by email, your data will be store and include in a file from Susana Gómez, in order to provide the service solicited. The only way this information will be provided is in case you give an authorization or in the legal cases mentioned before.
The file is registered in the (Registro General de la ADP) a General Record that is according to the legal actions stablished in the legislation determined by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection that stablishes the treatment necessary for personal data. However you have the right to get into the file in order to consult your information, rectify, cancel your data, or object to the treatment that has been done to your information. In case you are interested in exercise this rights, please send a signed communication to the contact that appears in the web, with a copy of the identification document. The ADP offers forms in order to elaborate the application and information that may be useful.

IV- Limitation of Liability
The contents in this website are offered with a information purpose only. They do not constitute professional assistance, in this case the rights owner is not responsable of any misuse of the web. The links or contents from third parties that appear are given in order to enlarge the information or to indicate certain point of view. The inclusion does not imply the acceptance of those contents or that the right holder is involve with the responsable of the websites, therefore rejects all liability related to those contents or to the computer system that they present.The rights owner could be responsible only in case of any event presented under the law 34/2002, of July 11th, about Society Services of Information and of ecommerce.
The rights holder does not warrant the reliability,availability or continuity of the website and contents because of a technical or security trouble or servicing, because of server failures that contains all the informaton saved or due to a certain informatic attack, including situations that are not possible to control by the right holder. The rights holder is not responsible for the failures, mistakes or damages, direct or indirect, that can be caused to the computer system or to the files of the user, or to any other document saved in the system, that might be caused due to the capability or quality of the computer system or because of the presence of a virus or any other informatic application that can affect the computer that is been used in order to achieve the conection in order to access to the contents of the website, or because the applications are not updated, or because is not the correspondent license.

V- Modifications and Updates
The right holder reserve the right to make in any time and without notice modifications and updates of the contents in the website-

VI- Applicable Law
The issues related to the use of this website and the contents will be interpreted by the terms of use and the Spanish law, except in the cases that is no permited will submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals from Liria- Spain in order to solve any future conflict related to the website use.

Madrid, August 25th 2014.